Prof. Dr Claudia Stolle

Claudia Stolle is head of the section “Geomagnetism” at GFZ, Professor of Geomagnetism, Univ. Potsdam since 2013. 2010-2013 she was scientist at Technical University Denmark, where she was in charge as PI of the Greenland magnetometer chain and associated with several projects in defining and evolving the Swarm satellite mission. Her main research areas are Geomagnetism, physics of the ionosphere, magnetosphere and upper atmosphere. CS is PI of the priority program 1788 of the German research foundation, has been convener for the ISSI Workshop and guest editor for the Springer book on “Earth’s Magnetic Field: understanding sources from the Earth’s interior and its environment”. CS is member of the Swarm DISC advisory board. Coauthored more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals.